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Campus Ericsson

May 2015 | 

Groupe Magma is proud to announce that it will do the formwork for Campus Ericsson, in ville St-Laurent. Thanks to the trust that Groupe Montoni gave us. This is a commercial project of nearly one million square feet of formwork. This is a new partnership for our company.



October 2015 | 

Groupe Magma will execute the formwork and concrete implementation of the new LILO residence, in Île Perrot for EBC Entrepreneur Général. Begining in November 2015. Approximately 560 000 square feet of formwork for a basement and 7 floors.



Le Lux Gouverneur Phase 3

December 2015 | 

Groupe Magma est fier de vous annoncer son nouveau projet de coffrage Les Résidences LUX Gouverneur Phase 3. Deux niveaux souterrains et 14 étages, pour un total approximatif de 350 000 pieds carrés